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Compact Substation Manufacturers in India

Compact Substation Manufacturers in India are the upcoming trend in the market. It removes the hassle of the customer to buy and install different equipment’s, rather we provide in-house built solutions to these hassles via CSS.
A Compact Sub Station is the assembly of HT panel, Transformer and LT panel in one compartment. It is ready to install, saves space, time and cost of the entire project.
Jay Bee Industries is a well-known manufacturer of Compact Substation manufacturer. We at Jay Bee Industries are a get-together of fashioners with capacities in the electrical field. We make and distribute transformers under the brand name Jay Bee Industries.

We have gone through huge RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT for accomplishing the objective of making BIS approved transformer up to and including 2500 KVA conveyance transformer of all degrees of proficiency wiz:- LEVEL-1, LEVEL-2, and LEVEL-3.

Compact Substation Transformer (CSS) comprises of all the vital gear like VCB, DRY TYPE TRANSFORMER, LBS, RMU, PROTECTIVE RELAYS, and so forth. Accordingly CSS is across the board smaller substation which has every one of the vital gadgets. This CSS is effectively adaptable and can be taken into work inside a restricted timeframe.

You should simply to give H.V side and L.V side associations and your CSS is prepared for use which is protected and solid. This transformer can be introduced in different ventures, for example, Casting enterprises, Textile businesses, Residential regions, Solar farms, Wind farms, and so forth.

We are an astounding Compact Substation manufacturer. The standard reach is 250 KVA to 5000 KVA 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 and 33 KV voltages class.


Intended for indoor establishment near their place of purpose at the focal point of the significant burden purchasers.

These transformers are joined with their essential and optional switchgear and dissemination sheets into reduced substations that are introduced straightforwardly at their place of purpose.

This reduces construction requirements, cable costs, transmission lossesand installation costs.

Transformer is fitted with three temperature sensors introduced in the LV winding, and a strong state stumbling gadget with transfer yield.
It very well may be mounted on a housetop (for dry type transformer) where you need the power supply.


Intended to give support free durable activity for at least 30 years.
Dry-type epoxy cast or vacuum impregnated or transformer.

VCB or SF6 C.B whichever is appropriate for security from the H.V side with all essential safeguarding transfers, CT’S, PT’S, and so on.

LBS switch for manifesting the moment of truth contact from the L.V side.
M.S bureau for assurance of the relative multitude of inward gadgets from natural strokes.

Epoxy or polyurethane double coat with a zinc-rich introduction on the bureau for assurance against rust for least 5 years.

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We are Dealing With India's Top Trusted Brands. To be a trusted engineering partner and deliver highly energy-efficient & environment-friendly power distribution solutions to our valued customers.

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At JAY BEE Industries, we aim to serve our huge clientele with utmost integrity, honesty, translucency, responsibility, and professionalism. These are some core principles on which our gospel of doing business is grounded.


At JAY BEE Industries, we assure safe working atmospheres in all our departments. Cooperation is followed to attend the efforts of our workers to produce a motivating work atmosphere so that the best results are offered to our clients.


Quality norms at JAY BEE Industries are of paramount significance. With the duty of strict rules and regulations, we formalize our products with the accomplishment of strict quality tests.

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